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continuous improvement

An open-source solution for your dev teams to find ways to optimize, speed up development and improve developer experience & wellbeing.


The problems

Faced by engineering managers and team leads.

Lack of visibility

Scattered data make it hard to measure impact.

Slow output

Hidden bottlenecks slow down development.

Low predictability

It's hard to understand the team's flow.

Inconsistent feedback

Struggle to coach and mentor the team.

Meet the solution.

Unlock continuous improvement with team-focused data, insights & automations.

For managers & team leads

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Pull Requests

A lot more to come.

A sneak peek into our planned features and roadmap.

DX Surveys

Qualitative data on your engineering organization through automated surveys tailored for developers.

CI Insights

Integration with your CI/CD for insights on failure rates, runtime, and correlation with other metrics.

Focus time

Integration with your calendar provider to give you insights on developers' available focus time.


More wellbeing-focused insights for increased developer satisfaction and wellness.


Define team improvement targets on relevant metrics and get automated nudges and reports.


A gamified experience to make onboarding more effective and fun.

Automate the pain away.

Configurable no-code routines to improve productivity and developer experience.

Your team will love it.

Designed for modern software teams.

Simple & Focused

Clutter-free interface and limited data-exposure for maximum comprehension.

Simple & Focused

Blazing Fast

Built for performance since day zero. No time wasted.

Blazing Fast

Community-oriented & source-available.

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Command Bar

Perform actions, search, or navigate using your keyboard.

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For organizations that require full control.

Absolutely. Sweetr does not require access to your code. We follow stringent security best practices to protect our servers and application. Read more.

Not at all, you and your team should be able to use Sweetr without any prior training. We design simple and intuitive interfaces, and documentation is highly available.

Sweetr only saves data necessary to provide service to you. You can delete all of your private data from our servers by revoking OAuth access or uninstalling our application from your GitHub account or organization at any moment.Read our privacy policy.

Not yet. They are in our backlog, you can check their status on GitHub.

Fore sure! We welcome PRs from the community. You can learn more in our contribution guide.

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